The route


My goal for the route was to travel the quiet backroads I would ride on a bicycle.

Starting from Vancouver, I headed east through to my destination of Nakusp, BC—a small town known for its hot springs, and the location of a yearly motorcycle travellers’ jamboree organized by Horizons Unlimited. From Nakusp, I aimed for BC’s warm Shuswap region, staying north, and then descended back into Vancouver via the famously famous Duffey Lake Road.

To locate routes, I used these two reference books:

No, I didn’t use my smartphone to route-find. It doesn’t get service in the peaks and valleys of BC’s back lands, and I didn’t want to go chasing WiFi signals in my spare time. I spoke to humans instead.

The 2000-kilometre trip cost about CAD $56 in fuel. As one Symba blogger noted, “It cost me more to feed myself than to feed my bike.”


One comment

  1. Hi, I really enjoyed your travel log, what a wonderful adventure. I live in Manitoba and will be moving home to vancouver Island in a year and a half (Victoria). I want to start riding again and I’ve been thinking about the symba a lot. You have convinced me now that it will be the bike for me. I don’t want to go real fast any more, I think the ride is much more enjoyable @ under 50 MPH. Cheers, and thanks for sharing the fun, friendly regards, Herb.


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