Ulrike in Sydney, Australia.

NEW STORIES: Bucket List, Australia

I’m now in South Australia exploring vineyards, olive groves, surf beaches and Aboriginal culture.  I might even find myself a motorcycle.

I hope you’ll join me at Bucket List, Australia to join the four-month adventure.

Bucket List, Australia – small joys in a big country.

See you there!


Slow down for Old Hedley

The old Hedley Road heading east from Princeton to Hedley is an absolute dream. The Destination Highways motorcycle guidebook calls this route “geriatric,” because it so slow paced. I am in novice motor-biker’s heaven.

I ride the bike slower and slower because it is so beautiful and the water so clear and sparkling. The air heats up, so I switch into white jeans and dab on some suntan lotion. But I keep going slow.

Symba motorbike on the Old Hedley Road

Out of gas amongst the grapes

I roll through Keremos and continue following the Similikameen River towards the Okanagan Valley…

Symba overlooking Keremos orchards


A few kilometres later, I am pleased to run out of gas in such a picturesque place, surrounded by vineyards and orchards. I am ready, though: the red plastic jerry can is full and ready to reload my puny 4L gas tank.

Symba overlooking Similkameen valley

Joy and showers in Greenwood

Through the old mining towns of Rock Creek, Midway, and Greenwood I roll. It’s a different experience than a decade ago, when I led cycling tour groups through here as part of Great Explorations’ Kettle Valley Railway tours.

In Greenwood the sky opens up and I duck under an unsuspecting home’s eavestrough to check my gear. It’s looking a little droopy in the rear suspension area, but it’s all good…

Symba loaded with dry bags, rear view


As I prepare to turn back onto the highway, I get a glimpse of JOY, in the surprising form of heavy equipment.

JOY logo on yellow heavy equipment