Chrome deadlight of Symba Honda Cub motorbike


I have wanted to explore British Columbia by motorcycle ever since I moved here more than 20 years ago.

Many years and motorbike-riding boyfriends later, I finally got my own bike. I chose the Symba because—like the Honda Cub— it is small, tough, and designed for rough roads and novice riders like me.

I have travelled solo and on a bicycle in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Belize, Cuba, Spain, New Zealand, Thailand, Laos, and India. With the exception of North America, regular people including women and families, go about their lives on little motorbikes like the Cub…

Man, woman, on Honda Cub with and huge cargo in Asian country

For 3 weeks in late summer of 2014, I did it too: I rode the 100cc Symba more than 2000 kilometres around southern BC. I packed camping gear so I could visit provincial parks and forestry sites along the way.

To my mind, it was a little spin on a motorized bike around my home province. It was fun, easy, nothing bad happened, and lots of good things happened.

However, I was surprised by how curious and amazed the people I met were. I even got called a Hard Miler by members of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle club.

I created this blog so if you’re curious too, you can discover for yourself: the route, the bike, plus 27 stories about the adventure.

About me

Ulrike Rodrigues on a SYM Symba Honda Cub at Horizons Unlimited 2014


I’m Ulrike Rodrigues, a writer and rider based in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve blogged about living and cycling in Goa India; riding the rails with a folding bicycle, ignorance and bliss pedaling the Dordogne region of France, solo cycle-camping on the Canal des Deux Mers; and the journey of suicide.

I write about two-wheeled and independent travel because more girls and women need to hear that it is okay to be curious and adventurous.



Dedicated to Sue Richards who loved to blog and who loved a good adventure.